One of the great things about Goldeneye’s engine is the way the physics work. We’ve all experimented with throwing grenades and destroying items just to see what effect they will have on the guards and scientists in the game. But a curious feature of Goldeneye that didn’t carry over into Perfect Dark is the ability to really mess with characters after the gameplay had finished, using items placed strategically before ending the level. Here are our top picks for the best ways to rewrite the endings of Goldeneye’s levels:

10. Runway

You don’t even need cheats for this one. Simply throw a timed mine on the door of the plane, wait for 2 counts, then jump in. The heroic music starts and your plane triumphantly flies towards camera being shot at from all sides, and if you timed it right the plane will explode just as it’s going off screen. So much for a great escape…

9. Streets

Grab the grenade launcher and get right to the end, face away from it and fire off a few grenades at really high angles, starting at say…80 degrees and moving up to 90 degrees. Then back up when the first grenade starts falling to finish the level. Bond walks calmly past his tank, with the ground he walks on erupting with flames just behind him as he goes.

8. Egyptian

Make sure you finish the level with the Domino controller configuration selected. Wait until Samedi starts his third cackle at you. Then try hitting Z…

7. Depot

Open the train car doors, but instead of shooting the guards, immediately throw a proxy mine onto the wall behind them and jump onto the train. Goes even more overkill if you’re holding the pp7 when you jump in or if enemy health is ramped up.

6. Surface 1

You’ll need that grenade launcher again for this one. Get to the end and shoot the locks off the grate. Use C to look directly up and fire off as many grenades as you can before they start landing. Then step forwards to fall down the hole and finish. You’ll see bond smothered with fire, aiming his gun wildly around, before getting bored of being roasted alive and jumping down the hole.

5. Bunker 2

You can do this in a few ways, but the best is with All guns. Get to the top door long before Natalya does and throw two proxies, one about 10 meters away, the next about 2 meters away. If you get it right, Bond runs out the door with Natalya behind him, and sets off the 10 meter mine just as he passes it. He doesn’t notice but Natalya gets a face full of flames, and gets lifted up and thrown backwards towards the door again, where she lands on the just-activated second mine and is engulfed by a second explosion. Meanwhile Bond jogs casually off, not a care in the world…

4. Surface 2

This one’s a cinch to pull off. Open the end door, toss a grenade in, and run after it. You’ll get a welcome from several guards, and they’ll get a nice one in return as you casually fold your arms and watch them bounce off the walls and ceiling.

3. Cradle

Finish the level with either fast animation or slow animation activated. Simple as that.

Oh and combine with a grenade if you’re feeling particularly cinematic.

2. Dam

You need 2x Rocket Launchers and Infinite Ammo. Stand in the middle of the dam, at the base of the stairs to the bungee platform. Equip those rocket launchers and stare DIRECTLY up. Start pumping out rockets for all they’re worth. As many as possible. After about half a minute of doing this you’ll hear an explosion. Immediately run up and bungee, and watch Bond leap off as the entire dam blows up around him.

1. Statue Park

The best saved for last. you’ll need a timed mine. Allow Mishkin to capture you and then lead the way to the gates. Go right up to the middle of the gates and sneakily latch a timed mine on the left hand side gate as close to the middle as possible. Immediately open the gate and walk out, and watch Mishkin’s arrest fall to pieces as Bond escapes everyone with effortless ease!